The game grows in Indianapolis – a virginity lost!

Kent Sutton, a freelance writer and teaching professional at Indianapolis Racquet Club, “lost his virginity” at 31—his paddle playing virginity, that is.

This article, which originally appeared in the Indianapolis Sports Monthly, was reprinted in the Spring edition of Platform Tennis News.

“I lost my virginity recently at age 31. It was a cold and overcast morning in early December, and, though not romantic, it was a perfect setting for myself and four other women as we had our eyes opened to a new and wonderful experience. It was just 25 degrees but after several minutes of “foreplay,” my constant movement soon had me shedding layer after layer of clothing. After two short hours it was over. My cheeks were rosy, my lungs full of air, and my legs were sore – but a good sore. I wanted to keep going, but unfortunately other virgins were coming to this sacred place to discover the joy I had found. I have repeated this experience many times since. I do it as much as possible during the week, and sometimes three and four times a day on weekends. After we finish we usually get something to eat and talk about this or previous times. Not many of us smoke. I love this game called ‘paddle’ by those who indulge.”

The article goes on to describe the origin of the game, equipment needed, and where to play.

Source: Platform Tennis News, Spring 1993