Volunteer of the Month – Cam Lanphier

Moving Region VI Onwards and Upwards

Did you know that all of the platform tennis courts in California are in Ross, part of Marin County, about 20 miles from San Francisco? There are three at Lagunitas Country Club, where our volunteer of the month Cam Lanphier plays, as well one public court in town and a couple of private courts. That is it! In the largest state, the other paddle tennis is better known, but our sport is alive and well in Ross and continues to attract high-level players.

Cam Lanphier grew up in Pelham, New York, where she fooled around with platform tennis as a teenager when courts were added at her club. She didn’t really start playing seriously until she moved to Ross in 1988………..

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Source: Platform Tennis Magazine
, Vol. 16 issue 2, 2014