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Manhold, Gerald W.


Hall of Fame Induction: 2004
Fox Meadow Tennis Club, March 20, 2004

Manhold devoted the better part of a lifetime to platform tennis and was a driving force for platform tennis league play in his home state of New Jersey and served as the representative for senior level play on the APTA Board for five years.

Manhold served for five years as the representative for Senior-level play on the APTA Board, and was instrumental in expanding Senior Circuit events, and in establishing two new age categories—the 60+ and the 65+. He would later win four titles in these two categories—the 60s in 1979-1981, and the 65′s in 1990. Manhold was a finalist in the National 55′s twice, and won the Mid-Atlantic senior event four times. He also served as a chair umpire for both the USTA and the APTA.

Manhold was an accomplished athlete, and lettered in tennis for the four years he attended Syracuse University. In his senior year, he was the number one ranked player, and served as team captain in his senior year. He also played varsity soccer as a goalkeeper and was selected for the All-East soccer team in 1939.

Like many “fathers-of-the-game” in key platform tennis areas, Manhold took his love for tennis to platform tennis, and got the game started in the Florham Park area some 30 years ago. He also taught the game and brought many New Jersey players to a level where they could compete successfully in National events. Gerry persuaded top players to put on clinics and exhibitions for the public in northern New Jersey and invited local officials in order to cultivate their support.

During his term on the APTA Board he added an important dimension to Senior play with a trophy, bearing his name, being awarded annually at a competition among Senior men from each of the six APTA regions.

Source: G. Estabrook Kindred, Induction remarks

Gerry Manhold
Gerry Manhold
Jerry Manhold (left) and the Manhold Cup Trophy. Howard Sipe (center) and Chet Kermode Gerry Manhold (left) and the Manhold Cup Trophy. Howard Sipe (center) and Chet Kermode