APTA reviews foot-fault rule

The APTA gets serious about foot-faults
The APTA gets serious about foot-faults

The rule was essentially the same as in tennis, but because of the shorter distance from baseline to net, and the higher premium on being at the net in paddle, foot-fault infractions were seen as more serious. The problem was two-fold: first, whether the statement of the rule itself should be revised; second, how to enforce the rule.

A seven-man working committee formed to cope with this rather controversial question. Chaired by Bob Brown, the committee consisted of Chuck Baird, John Beck, Brad Drowne, Bill Hoffmann, Paul Molloy, and Dick Squires.

In addition, the APTA called a 26-member Advisory Committee for the purpose of providing the broadest possible cross-section of views on this delicate matter.

The formation of the APTA’s Umpires Committee in 1974 was an outcome of the Working Committee’s deliberations.

Source: Off The Wire, Vol. 5 No 1