Rule changes: Singles, Sets played in Men’s Nationals & 45+, and Paddle Specifications

The first oversized paddle
The first oversized paddle

The October 1984 edition of the Official Rules of Platform Tennis carried the following Board-approved changes:

Doubles and Singles
The rules are the same, except for the following: In Singles, the game is played within the standard singles court, two serves are allowed, and no-ad scoring is used*. The no-ad game point is served into whichever service court the receiver chooses. The Hi-Bounce ball is recommended for singles.

*(conditional 1-year trial rule – ’84-85)

Recommended Number of Sets
Men’s – Nationals: 2 out of 3 to the finals, then 3 out of 5. Fifth set played out

Men’s – 45: 2 out of 3, all the way

Platform Tennis Paddle Standards
Total Length: 18 1/16″ maximum
Width of Head (at widest point): 9 5/16″ maximum
Play Length (handle to outside edge of rim): 10 7/16″ maximum

Source: Platform Tennis News, November 1984