Senior President’s Cup

Jerry Manhold, with the help of Howie Sipe in Chicago, Chet Kermode in Cleveland, Jack Wales in Pittsburgh, and Bill Ballard in North Jersey, obtained APTA sanction to explore starting a Senior President’s event.

There were some changes in the President’s Cup format used by the Senior President’s Cup players.
• Players would be selected from among active league players in the four largest leagues: Chicago area, Cleveland area, Pittsburgh and northern New Jersey.

• APTA membership was mandatory.

• Play would be along the lines of the Gordon Cup competition in tennis, i.e., two matches at 45+ and 1 match at 50+, 55+, and 60+.

• Play would be over one day only, which would provide a senior team with three matches in one day, followed by a fellowship dinner.

• The Senior Cup was to be a prelude to a major senior championship;

Source: Platform Tennis News, November 1984